Netspend fees and charges

NetSpend is a company with a prepaid debit card that it claims offers a competitive alternative to checking account debit cardscredit cards and cash. Customers provide the company with their names and addresses, and the company mails them personalized cards that they activate and load with funds.

The company claims that its cards offer advantages to consumers who do not have banking accounts, credit cards or access to traditional financial services. The company operates a network of 70, distribution centers andreload points, where consumers can purchase NetSpend cards and load them with cash. The locations include retailers, check cashing locations, convenience stores, grocers, pharmacies, insurance providers and tax preparation companies.

NetSpend also provides payroll card solutions that let employers directly deposit paychecks into their employees' card accounts. NetSpend offers Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards to its customers. The cards allow consumers to add, spend, withdraw and manage money.

Customers can access features such as person-to-person bank transfers, direct deposit of employer or government checks, text alerts, a rewards program, budgeting tools and a tiered-rate savings account option.

How Netspend Works and Makes Money (TSS)

NetSpend offers its customers three service plans. The pay-as-you-go plan is designed for customers who expect to have a limited number of transactions. With this plan, there is no cost to open an account and no plan fee. The plan allows unlimited purchases with either the debit or the credit option at retailers. NetSpend charges retail card load fees that vary by location, and may charge mobile check load fees. The firm may charge fees for certain types of external bank transfers.

NetSpend charges no fees for online balance inquiries, but may charge fees of 50 cents per inquiry for telephone requests. The company also charges fees for check requests, additional statements, additional card issuance, card replacement and expedited card delivery.

The company charges maintenance fees on dormant accounts. NetSpend receives high overall customer service marks from its users. The ConsumerAffairs. Of the 1, reviewers that rated NetSpend, gave the company a four- or five-star rating, 46 gave a three-star rating, 42 rated the company with two stars and gave a one-star rating.

Many of the positive reviewers mentioned the ease of activation and the excellent customer service, while some of the negative reviews cited poor customer service.We all come to a point where we may need a little extra cash.

Maybe you have an unexpected financial emergency. Or perhaps you took out too much money and forgot about that car insurance payment coming out two days before your next payday. Little emergencies come up every now and then, meaning your other financial obligations may be pushed back, or worse, they may bounce.

You may think you're out of luck, but there may be an option to help you out. Many banks offer overdraft protectiona short-term solution customers can use to compensate for insufficient funds. This service is also offered by Netspend, a provider of prepaid debit cards for both personal and commercial customers in the United States. But how does it work? Read on to learn more about what overdraft is and how it works, as well as Netspend's overdraft protection policies.

Overdraft protection is a credit facility added to an account such as a checking or savings account. It gives the account holder access to funds if and when the account reaches a zero balance up to a specified amount. This means the bank allows the customer to continue using the account even when there is no money in it.

In essence, overdraft is a short-term loan extended by the bank to the account holder. It must be paid back, though, by making one or more deposits into the account to bring the account back above zero. Just like any other credit product, overdraft protection cannot be added to an account without authorization from the customer. Banks generally charge interest for the average balance that remains in overdraft at the end of each month.

Most accounts charge a lower interest rate than a credit cardmaking it a more affordable option in an emergency.

netspend fees and charges

Customers also incur a monthly fee for having the service on their account, even if they don't use it. Because of the nature of the service and the fees involved, overdraft is meant to be used for emergencies only, and is not intended for everyday use. According to Bankratethe most common overdraft fee in the U. Keep in mind, though, this figure doesn't include any interest incurred on the balance.

As noted above, Netspend provides prepaid debit cards for both personal and commercial clients. The company was founded inand, according to its websiteserves 68 million underbanked consumers—especially those who don't have a bank account and people who prefer different financial services options.

Consumers can load their debit cards with cash, link them up to bank accounts to do transfers, or opt to have their paychecks, income tax refundsor other benefits deposited directly to their Netspend accounts.

Netspend offers overdraft protection to eligible cardholders through MetaBank. This feature allows the account holder to make transactions or incur fees with amounts that exceed the balance on his card after meeting activation and eligibility requirements.

Since it is optional and not automatic, a customer must enroll in order to activate overdraft protection on their Netspend account.

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Here's how it works. Netspend will not allow any transactions—automatic payments, pin pad transactions, signature purchase transactions, or automated teller machine ATM transactions—without the overdraft protection service in place. To activate Netspend overdraft protection, a customer must provide a valid email address and agree to Netspend's electronic delivery of disclosures and amended terms to the contract associated with signing up for overdraft protection.Perhaps you purchased a prepaid debit card from Netspend.

Or worse, you received this prepaid card as a gift. Either way, you are in for a world of hurt using this card.

Netspend is among the worst of the prepaid debit cards on the market — largely because of their dubious fees. NerdWallet gave it only three stars — largely because of their fees. It took about 30 minutes to sign-up for the account it is like opening a bank account and a few weeks to receive the card. It took another 10 minutes of searching on Google to find this fee — along with a slew of others. Want an example of their ridiculous fees?

Check out the fees they charged for just two purchases:. NetSpend and MetaBank Siaki v.

How Does NetSpend Overdraft Protection Work?

NetSpend and MetaBank Tisdale v. NetSpend and MetaBank. In exchange, Perdue has been at the forefront of curbing government agencies who protect consumers from unscrupulous financial companies. If you can avoid a prepaid debit card, we strongly urge that you do so. Your email address will not be published. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Netspend - Mid-Form 5min

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You can check these in your browser security settings. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here.Netspend offers prepaid debit cards from Visa or Mastercard with no activation fees and no minimum balance requirements. You can qualify for its services without a credit check.

The company has multiple loading options, including by direct deposit, through your phone or at a reload station. Netspend prepaid cards are easy to sign up for, and the company has no credit check and no activation fee for online orders. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I've had Netspend for a while now and I love them. The app is amazing and I can get my paycheck up to two days earlier. Anytime I have any kind of questions, I can always reach them and they always help.

I also loaded money onto my debit card yesterday at Walmart and it was very easy. I'm happy to be with Netspend. I've been with them for years and I love it.

In fact, I'm trying to get my mom and my sister to join it too. It's easy to use the reload locations and when I call for customer service, asking a question, they really help me even though I have an accent.

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Netspend offers prepaid cards from Visa and Mastercard. These cards provide the convenience of a debit card without requiring a bank account. The company does not conduct credit checks, and the cards are a useful way to receive paychecks through direct deposit if you do not have a bank account. Direct deposit funds could be available on your card up to two days faster than a paper check.

Netspend also features a rewards program and an interest-earning savings account. There is no credit check, but you must verify your identity — the company limits usage on cards without verified identities. Netspend sends transaction alerts to your phone so you know when you receive deposits, when transactions go through or get declined and when your balance is getting low. Netspend cards come with zero-liability fraud protection in case someone uses your card fraudulently.

As long as you have funds in the account, you can use the card at any location that accepts Visa and Mastercard. Netspend does not charge an activation fee. When you load the card and begin using it, the company charges fees to your account.Sound familiar? For most debit cards and credit cards, you are charged a transaction fee every time you purchase something.

If you choose to withdraw cash from your NetSpend card there the operator of the ATM also charges a transaction fee. Even worst, some debit card companies charge a withdrawal fee on top of the ATM fee. Limiting the amount of fees to your NetSpend card is incredibly important, because there are usually a number of fees associated with prepaid cards. Visa has partnered with several retailers to provide surcharge free ATM access.

NetSpend also encourages cardholders to try the simple cash back technique. Even though cardholders are not paying a fee to withdraw money from their card in order to receive cash back, they must make an in-store purchase using their NetSpend card. The best practice is to use NetSpend when needed to pay for household items, grocery shopping or any other logical reason for visiting a retail store.

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Decide ahead of time whether or not you would like to withdraw money from your card and make a mental note. There may be a maximum you can withdraw at a single time, so be prepared for that. We are going to show you how to find free ATMs for Green Dot, so you can keep your hard-earned money on your card.

It is also important to note mention that ATMs have their own limitations as well. MoneyPass is an Automated Teller Machine company that allow prepaid, debit and credit card holders to withdraw cash for free.

Wait, there's more! That's double the location. It's very simple to use. Our locator will display both ATM brands that is closest to you, so you get the best of both worlds. However, you can also use the official MoneyPass locator or the official AllPoint locator. This would be the ideal option if you are the type of person that withdrawal cash from ATMs frequently. Chime is a debit card that offer their cardholders very limited fees which is great news if you have this card.

However, even this great mobile isn't completely fee-less. These are surcharge free ATMs so you will not be charge.Welcome to our site! Our Fav New Offer for ! Please see our bottom line independent review. Your input is invaluable and we'd love to have your opinion on whether the fees that Netspend charges see customer and expert review below- this site is powered by you!

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NetSpend prepaid debit cards come in 3 variety's: Pay As You Go, Premier and Fee Advantage they've had the same plans since we originally reviewed their fees about five years ago. Despite the choices, our analysis finds that NetSpend prepaid debit cards all share one unfortunate commonality: Lots of fees are charged.

Despite the choices, our analysis finds that NetSpend prepaid debit cards all share one unfortunate commonality: Lots of fees. Sign up in just mins- very short form- and it won't hurt your credit. Sponsor Link. Also, based on your score, you will be matched with legit card offers that you are likely to qualify for — that can help you build your credit- not prepaid cards. If you are trying to get a higher credit rating which is very importantwe strongly suggest you consider the no annual fee Capital One Secured MasterCard apply online in mins- if you have poor credit or no credit, this card will to help you rebuild or build your credit.

Sponsor Link Please note that this review is outdated and is only being kept for archival purposes. Please click here to read our current review of the Netspend Prepaid Visa. People with poor credit can apply too as there is no credit check No ChexSystems either. Chime can be managed entirely from your smartphone.

netspend fees and charges

No hidden fees. No overdraft fees. No minimum balance. No monthly service fees. No transfer fees. Click for more info. Tired of Paying Prepaid Card Fees? But the problem with that strategy is that you can usually only get a limited amount of cash back, which may or may not be enough to meet your needs. Another limiting factor with these cards can be paying for specific items, like gasoline.

On the positive side, direct deposits are free as well as text alerts and online account management. While these cards are FDIC insured and there are 3 fee plans, you can get lower fees with a few other cards on the market. The fees aren't outrageous though and if you use the card wisely you can switch fee plans pretty easilyyou can keep the fees to a minimum.

Netspend's other benefits when compared to other prepaid card issuers help make the fees easier to digest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.JJ Watt and Von Miller have been in the conversation in recent years. Perhaps this is the year a stud pass rusher crashes the QB party. Mack is an absolute monster and definitely worth a flier. Probably somewhere in between. It will be interesting to see how the Panthers utilize their dual-threat rookie.

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netspend fees and charges

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