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This guide helps to explain the wide variety of cycling shoes available. We consider specific designs for road cycling, triathlon and mountain biking, and variations within these sub-categories.

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Wiggle's Bike Pedals Buying Guide. How to know if it's time to go clipless. Starting with the basics, what are cycling shoes? Cycling shoes use "Clip-less" or "Clip-in" technology; with a 'cleat' on the bottom of the shoe you clip into the pedals.

This has the advantage that you are able to generate a more fluid effort in the whole of the pedal stroke; pulling up on the pedals as well as pushing down. The result is increased efficiency and ultimately speed! Clip-in shoes also increase efficiency through their construction compared to normal sports shoes. They tend to have stiffer, thinner soles that flex less as you pedal; translating into better power transfer through the pedals.

They also feature buckles, straps and laces that help to strap your feet firmly in position, avoiding uncomfortable slipping and movement that you may encounter in traditional sports shoes. So, cycle shoes are made specifically to be more efficient and comfortable than normal sports shoes. However, to further add to the advantages of cycle shoes, there are many adaptions to the "Clip-in" shoe. In this guide we consider the different designs, to help you get the most from you cycle shoe purchase.

First up, road cycling shoes. Road shoes are easily identified; they normally have a smooth low-profile plastic or carbon sole, without grips or lugs except maybe one on the heel. They often have vented uppers to allow your feet to remain cool in hot conditions. Triathlon cycling shoes are similar to road shoes in some aspects but fundamentally different in others. The main difference is that triathlon shoes are designed to be easily removable, even whilst riding to speed up transition.

They are also likely to be softer lined so that you can wear then without socks if you wish. Mountain bike shoes are significantly different to road and triathlon shoes, both in function and appearance. The first and most obvious difference is that mountain bike shoes have lugs and grips on the sole, which enable you to walk and run when you are forced to dismount to open gates or in muddy conditions.

The second feature is that they have a different cleat system more on this below. A third difference is that these shoes tend to be made of tougher, water-resistant materials such as synthetic leather, to help keep out the trail muck.Foot pain on the bike can be excruciating. Cycling is a forefoot sport. So not only do poorly fitting shoes create pain, they can also limit performance. All the power comes from your quad and your glute.

But you can lose a hell of a lot through badly fitting shoes — for example if your foot is moving around or over pronating, you can waste a lot of energy. Phil Burt has been bike fitter to some of the worlds best cyclists. Image: Andy Jones.

However, with cycling shoes being both incredibly rigid and fixed in place via cleats and pedals, those who fall outside of the norm can struggle to find shoes that fit.

The latter provide wide toe boxes as well as custom moulded heel cups to ensure a good fit all round for those with a wide forefoot and narrow ankle. It could be that your foot is collapsing, and therefore splaying. A lot of people think they have wide feet, but given an off-the-shelf corrective insole, the problem goes away because they have the support their foot needs.

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Some shoes come with inserts to adjust the arch height. Remember that foot shape is individual, you should try before you buy. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item.

wiggle cycling shoes uk

Despite the name, the CX is definitely a road shoe, sitting third from top of the range. Luckily they come in three other colour schemes, including a striking chameleon blue and a black white graphic fade.

The moulding process is simple enough on your own, though the instructions in the box recommend having help, preferably from a Lake dealer. If you do it yourself follow the instructions closely, do not tighten the shoes too much immediately after heating or risk disfiguring the toe box, reducing the space available for your feet and detracting from the look. Do it right and the process works well, and I experienced no heel slip out on the road. The sole is a thing of beauty, its glossy carbon weave glints in the sun and is drilled for ventilation.

On the bike is where the sole really shows its colours though. Initially I experienced a little bit of tightness on my wider, right foot, but this eased and though there is plenty of room in the toe box, there is no unwanted movement on the upstroke. Though I was unable to peel it off to prove the point, it looks tacky. On the bike the sole is stiff enough, but lacks the extra rigidity of either the Lakes or Bonts, leaving me slightly underwhelmed, and adding to the overall weight.

Of the three sets of shoes on test these were the only ones which cannot be heat moulded, however, out of the box the heel cup was the best fitting on test, with no slip whatsoever when pulling up.

Sidi are not known for making voluminous shoes, but the Mega fit gave me plenty of room to wiggle my toes, despite the slightly pointy toe, though the right shoe was tight across the forefoot, where my foot is at its widest.

Less obtrusive than the ubiquitous Boa dials found on the other test pairs, it looks great, works as well as any system out there, but is extremely fiddly to use on the move.This is our website.

Would you prefer to shop on our website? You previously shopped on our website. Would you like to go to our website now? You are here:. Ramp up the quality and efficiency of your ride with a pair of cycling shoes. Mountain bike shoes are designed for high performance and security while in the saddle and for grip when you get off, while road shoes feature a stiffer sole and light weight.

Urban commuters should check out our winter pairs for superior protection against the rain and wind. Want to try a triathlon? Read More. We use cookies to give you the best customer experience possible. If you continue to use our website, we will assume you are happy to receive cookies from us and our partners.

More info. Go to our website. Servicing Back Servicing Book a Service. Best Electric Bike Retailer. Home Delivery. Cycling Shoes Ramp up the quality and efficiency of your ride with a pair of cycling shoes.

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Clear All. Sort by. Discount High To Low. Price Low To High. Price High To Low. Brand A To Z. Brand Z To A. Mens Womens Unisex A year of intense development has result in a refined collection of shoes for road cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes. Developed to offer a precise fit, power through the pedals, and comfort for those long rides and adventures, the Aeron Carbon shoes are the pinnacle of the new shoe collection.

Both fastening options are easy to adjust on-the-fly as well, so you can tighten or loosen them as you need to on hot summer climbs, quick descents or sprints. Both versions of the Aeron shoes feature a stiff, one-piece Carbon sole unit, which transfers all your power into the pedals.

wiggle cycling shoes uk

This ensures your pedal strokes are efficient, and your effort isn't wasted. The inside of the shoes feature a wicking mesh fabric, which is breathable and comfortable during those longer periods in the saddle. For ventilation, and to avoid overheating, the outer material has perforations within the fabric. Fit was something that dhb were keen to get right, to ensure these shoes work for the majority of riders.

The heel cup grips onto the back of your feet in a firm but comfortable way, and the tongue features a V-cut groove, so it wraps across the top of your foot evenly and cleanly, without any creases that could put pressure across the top.

Both the MTB and Road versions use the same upper material, specifically chosen to be tough enough to take the knocks on the trails, but light enough to stop your feet from getting too warm on longer rides. The lightweight Nylon soles are stiff enough to get plenty of power into the pedals, and offer a great choice for those who don't require a full carbon version. This makes them a versatile option for riders who spend their time between the trails and the road.

This makes them a great option for riders with a higher or lower instep. Both the Road and MTB shoes have the same fit as the Aeron shoes, giving you room in the toe area, and a positive grip in the heel without being too tight or restrictive. View the dhb Dorica Road Shoe at Wiggle. Why Troika you might ask? In the same way, the three offset straps on these shoes work together to comfortably secure your feet, without putting excess pressure across the top, which can lead to discomfort.

The durable upper fabric features perforated holes for breathability, and the tongue wraps over the top of the foot to avoid causing pinch-point areas. The Nylon sole gives a good level of power through to the cranks, and the large forefoot strap allows for easy entry and exit in the transition zones.

wiggle cycling shoes uk

The lightweight mesh upper offers great breathability, and is quick-drying to help you nail the bike stage. Posted in Cycle. Here is a handy guide to each of the new models.

Aeron Carbon D and Aeron Carbon R Developed to offer a precise fit, power through the pedals, and comfort for those long rides and adventures, the Aeron Carbon shoes are the pinnacle of the new shoe collection. Available as a Dial or Ratchet option, these shoes offer a superbly precise fit. Shop the new dhb shoes range at Wiggle.We've produced this guide to make it easier to understand the SIDI fit. Cycling shoes don't 'break in' as leather shoes do as they're precision-moulded for optimum power transfer.

They need to feel good straight out of the box, otherwise, you'll end up with discomfort and even possible injury further down the line. Wiggle Cycling Shoes Buying Guide. How to know if it's time to go clipless.

They are simply made more precisely. There's 6mm difference between full sizes so half-sizes are also available to ensure a great fit for most riders. Before you start, make sure you are wearing the same kind of socks that you would normally wear for cycling.

Put on your cycling shoes, and stand upright in them; then try to lift your heels up. If there is any gap between the heel and the back of your ankle, then the shoes are too large, and they'll feel sloppy when you are riding. If your toes touch the end of the shoes when you are standing upright, the shoes are too small. You should be able to wiggle your toes.

The heel cup is also wider and there's a higher instep. We often get asked if men's SIDI shoes will fit women.

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The answer is yes, but only for women with consistently wide feet from the heel right through to the forefront. SIDI has been making women-specific shoes since the s.

dhb Dorica Road Shoe

According to their research, women have an entirely different foot shape to men so, for the majority, a women's specific shoe will fit a lot better. The mould a. The SIDI women's lasts also have a narrower heel and ankle to accommodate the smaller overall volume of the foot. All the same technologies and fit systems available across the SIDI range have been made available in a women's fit. SIDI shoes feature a number of unique fitting and retention systems, which help to provide the rider with a truly personal fit and feel.

The SIDI Heel Cup is an adjustable heel retention device, which improves the fit at the top of the heel cup, by closing the back of the shoe securely around the rider's ankle. The SIDI Tecno 3 system wraps a monofilament line, which is similar to fishing line around a ratcheting dial buckle. The fine-tooth ratchet allows for smoother adjustment, and the lacing system provides more even pressure distribution. The Tecno 3 system adapts the upper of the shoe to the shape of the foot, providing a customised fit.

Cycling Shoes

The Soft Instep 4 Closure refers is a wide strap that passes over the upper part of the foot; securing the foot underneath the well-cushioned soft foam tongue. The height of every individual rider's instep is different. In order to get the best fit, SIDI uses an adjustable ratchet on one side of the strap and a Techno-3 Dial or ratchet on the other side; so that you can tailor the position of the wide strap to be centred over your foot.In this guide, we look at clip-in also known as clipless pedals and cleats.

When correctly set up, a clip-in pedal will ensure your foot is always in the correct position over the pedal axle - helping to transfer your power more effectively. This helps to increase efficiency and power output. Clip-in shoes, which partner with clip-in pedals, are stiffer than normal training shoes.

Wiggle's Cycling Shoes Buying Guide. Wiggle's Bike Pedals Buying Guide. How to know if it's time to go clipless. Wiggle's Sidi Shoes Buying Guide. Clip-in pedals are made up of two main components: the pedal, which attaches to your bike like a regular flat pedal; and the cleat, which attaches to the sole of your cycling shoe.

A spring mechanism on the pedal allows you to 'clip' the cleats on your shoes in and out of the pedals. When setting off, start with one foot already clipped into the pedal.

This means you only have one foot to clip in when moving. When stopping, try to ensure that you do so next to something you can lean against. That way, if you can't unclip for some reason, then you won't fall over. There are two main systems of clip-in pedals.

These are most easily identified as 'three bolt' and 'two bolt' cleat systems. The clip-in mechanism on the pedal is one-sided only, so you need to ensure the pedal is the correct way up to clip in. This can enhance power transfer and performance.

However, because the cleats are large and protrude out of the tread on the shoe, these are not great for walking in. Shop Road Clip-in Pedals at Wiggle. This system uses a smaller metal cleat, which attaches to the cycling shoe with two bolts.

The clip-in mechanism on the pedal is on both sides; making it easier to clip-in. As these cleats are smaller, they can be recessed into the tread of some shoes, making it easier to walk around when off the bike. Shop Two-bolt Pedals at Wiggle. Note: Shimano does make a cleat adapter platethough we would recommend using the correct cleats for your cycling shoes' sole. Speedplay road pedals use a four bolt system for their cleats; but this is not really an issue, as their pedals and cleats come with adaptors for most three bolt shoes.

Northwave Storm Carbon Cycling Road Shoes

Shop Speedplay at Wiggle. Some manufacturers such as Look and Shimano colour code their three-bolt road cleats. This is to indicate the amount of 'float' the cleat facilitates.Making a huge difference to your performance on the bike, a stiff and well-fitting pair of road, mountain biking or triathlon shoes will enhance your comfort and power transfer.

Whether you're new to cycling or you're looking for top-end features, you'll be sure to find a suitable pair from one of the top brands including GiroSpecialized and Sidi. We also sell insoles so you can customise your fit further.

Shop online or reserve and collect in-store to improve the connection between you and your bike.

Cycling Shoes

You've viewed 25 of products. Sign in now for faster checkout. We'll also make sure this order counts towards your Loyalty Scheme discount. Please enter your registered email address below and we'll send you an email explaining the next step. Select the store you visit most frequently below and their stock information will show on product pages. Cycling Shoes Making a huge difference to your performance on the bike, a stiff and well-fitting pair of road, mountain biking or triathlon shoes will enhance your comfort and power transfer.

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